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Discussion about Adam’s “Tenrook” setting, based on a fantasy version of 7th Century Constantinople. Tenrook lost 90% of its 1,000,000 people when it lost free grain rights. As the city shrank, the forces of nature have reclaimed the outer urban neighborhoods, turning them into “citywilds.”

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! (and other news) 1

The Philosopher Takes the Silver Medal I have won second place in a beauty contests–er, I mean the 13th Age Icon Contest that Pelgrane Press sponsored, for my entry, “The Philosopher.” As runner-up, I get a $25 Pelgrane voucher! Says Beth Lewis: The Silver-Cup-of-Deeper-Inquiry goes to the Philosopher by Adam Dray. There were a fair [...]

13th Age: Magic 17

The game 13th Age presents magic of several varieties. The rules offer no explanation for how magic works or why there are different kinds, leaving these decisions to the GM. Certainly, some of the decisions seem to default to the standard Dungeons & Dragons tropes: arcane vs. divine magic, lesser magic items vs. artifacts, wild [...]

Tenrook: Ianna 0

Let me tell you about Ianna, who is many things.   Ianna is a character A character in my 13th Age Adventure campaign. She’s a 2nd level dark elf ranger. Ianna has the pale, albino skin of a dark elf, since their race had to adapt to the darkness of the underworld many ages ago. [...]

13th Age in Toronto 5

Today I’m going to talk about a 13th Age game session I played with a few near-strangers in Canada. There’s an interesting aside about the icon relationship rules in here, too. I occasionally travel to Canada for business. I realized that I should be reaching out to Toronto-area gamers to help me while away the evening [...]

13th Age: Magic Items and Living Dungeons 24

I thought I’d use some free time on my birthday to talk about some more cool stuff in 13th Age. This time, I want to talk about two related subjects: magic items and living dungeons. They’re related because both of them describe living, sentient things. Seriously! Let’s start with… Magic items 13th Age divides magic items [...]

Tenrook campaign update 0

My Tenrook campaign continues, albeit slowly. First of all, here’s a close-up of that map I showed a while back. The old map is zoomed out and reduced in size. This partial map shows the actual resolution of the image. I took a business trip to Toronto and met up with some fine lads there [...]

13th Age: Backgrounds 22

13th Age has a lot of things I love and a few things that bug me. I’ll be talking about them in a series of blog posts. The first is a favorite. Backgrounds Backgrounds are 13th Age‘s answer to a skill system. Say you want to play a thief type. You don’t have to allocate [...]

So where’s the loot? 2

This is a post about treasure in 13th Age.   So during my game last night, the heroes (and I use that term loosely) have tracked down the nasty dragonrider in his broken fortress in a ruins two days outside of Tenrook. It’s a boss fight and it goes down with a certain amount of [...]

Introduction to Tenrook 4

Preamble When I started running 13th Age, I considered picking up the sandbox campaign I had created for my biweekly Labyrinth Lord game, but I soon realized that the sandbox didn’t really take advantage of the strengths of the new game. In particular, the Icons in 13th Age are a key part of play and I [...]

Making a map of Tenrook 1

I wanted to create a map of Tenrook. Maps are such evocative artifacts. They can take you to a place that you’ve never seen. They can take you to a place that doesn’t even exist and make it seem real. Recall that I based Tenrook on 7th Century Constantinople. As I thought about how to [...]