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13 Reasons to Switch to 13th Age 14

Curious about the new 13th Age RPG? Here are 13 reasons to switch. 13th Age was written by Jonathan Tweet (Lead Designer of D&D 3rd Edition) and Rob Heinsoo (Lead Designer of D&D 4th Edition) and combines the best ideas from both games (and avoids the ideas that didn’t work). In some ways, though, it [...]

13th Age Contest 10

I am sponsoring two contests for the 13th Age RPG. Two winners will receive a copy of the 13th Age rulebook (standard cover). One winner will receive a 13th Age Icon spinner ring. I will judge all entries. All decisions are final. This contest is not affiliated with Pelgrane Press or with Fire Opal Media. This is [...]

Convention Round-up 0

I’ve been rather busy with my day job so I haven’t had a lot of time and energy for gaming. However, things will slow down for me in May. Several conventions dot my radar.  1d4con is a brand new convention in Winchester, Virginia, starting April 26. I’ll be running two slots of 13th Age and one slot [...]

13th Age: Rituals, part 2 4

As promised, here’s part 2 of my expanded Rituals for 13th Age. You can read part 1 here.   “Things get interesting” What does it mean when a ritual caster fails his roll and “things get interesting”? The rules say that the ritual still succeeds. I prefer to make it the caster’s choice. Offer them [...]

13th Age: Rituals 9

  Today’s blog is about rituals in the 13th Age RPG.   13th Age on Rituals The rules’ glossary defines rituals thus: “The ability for a practiced ritualist to use magic in a free-form way, if given time to concentrate and improvise.” A ritualist is someone who has the Ritual Casting feat, open to anyone, but useful only [...]

Legal Notice 0

This blog uses trademarks and/or copyrights owned by Fire Opal Media, which are used under the Fire Opal Media, 13th Age Community Use Policy. We are expressly prohibited from charging you to use or access this content. This blog is not published, endorsed, or specifically approved by Fire Opal Media. For more information about Fire Opal Media’s [...]

Difinia update 3

In what might be my last weekend off for a few months (complicated software implementations at work), I spent some time working on Difinia. In terms of look-and-feel, I created a banner image (shown on this page), changed the fonts and line spacing, and moved the interesting content to the front page and put the [...]

Difinia – the new setting 46

I’ve begun work on Difinia, the new setting I talked about in my last post. I started a site for it on Obsidian Portal and I’ve developed my map some more. Here’s the map, and then some discussion about my work. Names Coming up with a couple dozen names is hard. Bad names can ruin [...]

My new project 4

I’ve had inklings of a new fantasy campaign setting bubbling in my brain for a few months. The Dragon Empire setting in the 13th Age rules is really good as far as book settings go, but it’s not mine. Part of the fun of GMing, for me, is creating a setting. Right now, I am looking at [...]

As Seen on TV — er, on Page XX 1

Two quick items. First, my last post got republished in Pelgrane Press’ See Page XX webzine in November. It has new content and a new title, “13th Age: Harnessing Chaos with Index Cards.” Second, the December 2012 edition of See Page XX contains an all-new article, Feast of Gold: Reimagining Holidays for 13th Age, introduced by [...]