This Site

I wanted a place to talk about role-playing games. Lately, I’ve been talking a lot about 13th Age because I’m obsessed with it, but I talk about other things, too. Sometimes I post about actual games I played.

At some point, I’ll probably talk about some of my thoughts on game design and share some ideas for new games.


I’m a gaming veteran who’s been role-playing since 1979. I GM way more than I play, but I’m okay with that. Basic D&D  (Moldvay) was my first RPG, followed by AD&D and a string of TSR boxed games. Eventually, I broke out and played West End Game’s Star Wars and Paranoia, and R. Talsorian’s Cyberpunk. I’ve played countless different games over the decades, including just about every edition of D&D including “Old School Renaissance” throw-backs like Labyrinth Lord, and numerous “story games.” My favorite story games these days are My Life with Master, Apocalypse World, carry: a game about war, and Annalise.

I dabble in game design, but I haven’t really published anything commercially. I’ve had more success as an editor of small, author-owned, “indie” games.

I love talking to people about games. Post a comment. Start a discussion with me. Email me. I’m very easy to find.

Outside of gaming, I lead a talented team of software developers for a leading armored car company. I have two decades’ experience in software, having done everything from software programming & analysis to architecture & design to software training to management. My role now mixes pretty much all of that stuff together in one awesome career. I’ve worked in industries as varied as geographic information systems, defense contracting, fleet management, and finance.

I’m no longer as furry as that older picture (2009), above. I maintain a more complete bio on my main site.