13th Age


I talk a lot about 13th Age on this site. It’s an amazing game, a love letter to D&D written by two of the designers of D&D 3rd Edition (Jonathan Tweet) and 4th Edition (Rob Heinsoo). The rules manage to combine many of the elements I loved from those editions and to leave out the ugly things I didn’t like. The game mixes it all with a touch of “story game” ideas, like “fail forward,” player agency, dramatic irony, and others.

Pelgrane Press publishes the game. Fire Opal Media owns the game’s intellectual property. They give permission to fan sites like this one to write non-commercial material compatible with the 13th Age rules (see the Legal Notice, below). There’s also an Open Game License coming soon that allows commercial publishers to use a subset of the game, called the ARCHMAGE System.


Index to 13th Age Material

Every so often, I’ll collect links to articles I’ve written about 13th Age and organize them here, all in one place for easy reading.

House Rules

Skills and Backgrounds

Icon: The Philosopher

Using note cards as a GM to track character hooks

Expanded rules for Rituals

Rules Analysis

13th Age Introduction (brief)


Hallmarks (“One Unique Thing”)

Backgrounds (skills)


Magic Items & Living Dungeons


“Fail Forward”

Character Sheets

Two-page character sheet

One-page character sheet

Actual Play

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Difinia Setting



GMing at Metatopia 2012

13 True Ways

Icon Contest

13th Age Escalation Edition

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