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Adam standing at the top of Xunantunich in Belise

This is the home page of Adam Dray. If you know me and haven't said hi in a while, contact me!

Hello there! If you're not here by happenstance, I'm flattered. Since 1990 I've considered the Internet a second home, and this site is a window of sorts into that world. I have a "work hard, play hard" approach to life.


I am a 20-year-tenured senior software developer / software architect, Sun Certified Java Developer (SCJD, SCJP), and have strong skills in Java, ColdFusion, Linux, and SQL (PostgreSQL, Sybase, SQL Server, some Oracle and mySQL). If you're curious, look at my slightly outdated resume. I'm not looking for work.

  • Work: more about what I do


By night, I design, write, edit, and play role-playing games. This hobby has enthralled me since 1979 and, while my tastes have changed with age, my enthusiasm for gaming has rarely waned. I play a variety of games, usually once or twice a month. I have written dozens of games and published them for free on the net (like Verge). Since 1997, my wife and I have run a text-based computer RPG called Firan, which entertains hundreds of crazy players. People pay me to edit their games in the free time I have left.

  • Editing: game-editing services and credits
  • Play: role-playing games I'm playing, or played
  • Design: finished role-playing games
  • Projects: unfinished role-playing games
  • Firan: my online mini-MMORPG


No matter the time of day, I live in wedded bliss with my wife Stephanie and three neurotic cats. Steph is a budding author who, at this time (June 2010), is about to publish six paranormal romances with Harlequin Nocturne and two historical novels with Berkley Publishing. The cats have yet to produce any manuscripts.


You can learn a lot more about me, if you want. I maintain a blog focused mostly on gaming. My old gaming blog on LiveJournal also has stuff of interest to gamers. It's easier to find out life-stuff on my Facebook or Google+ pages.