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No, not that Enterprise

I'm a programmer. I've had a lot of different titles, but really, it all boils down to telling computers what to do, designing computer programs, and helping other people do those things more efficiently. I've been a Developer, a Technical Director, a Senior Analyst, an Assistant Director of Software, a Software Division Chief, an Applications Director, a Consultant, a Programmer/Analyst, and a Senior Developer.

For a while, I was an Enterprise Architect. I like that title best, because it sums up how I think and what I'm best at. Steph always asks me what it is that I do, and it's hard to explain. Really, "Enterprise Architect" only makes sense to people who are in my line of business. Everyone else asks if it has anything to do with Star Trek (it doesn't).

I've worked at Dunbar Armored as a senior java developer / manager in Hunt Valley, Maryland, since late-2010 and I intend to be there for the foreseeable future. My résumé is out-of-date.


I write back-end software with Java, SQL, and UNIX shell scripts. I also do front-end web development in ColdFusion, JavaScript, and SQL. I am a Sun Certified Java Developer.

I am currently seeking exciting and challenging work with a progressive company.

Resume (MS Word; 53KB)