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The net is a miraculous thing, because it allows us a chance to present ourselves any way we want. Given a blank white page:

  • Who do you want to be today?
  • Who do you want people to think you are?
  • Who are you, really, anyway?

These kinds of questions have teased at my mind for the last decade, and the net has been great playground on which I've grown up and figured out who the real me is. Given the infinite possibility of the blank white page, and given my past experience and background, I've been able to sculpt the person I wanted to be. It's an ongoing process, and I hope you like the result.

World Building

I've struggled to find a common thread in the things that are important to me. It finally dawned on me: world building.

Everything I do is about taking apart and putting back together worlds of different kinds. I'm an architect and designer in everything I do, from work to play to relationships. I constantly seek new innovations and improvements. I tinker, and experiment, and create.

Here are some of my works-in-progress, in which world building plays a major role:

  • biography -- I am the architect of my life
  • personality -- I'm an INTP. Pedantic, wry humor, explains it all.
  • marriage -- I have the best wife, and the best relationship!
  • music -- I am an avid but talentless composer.
  • role-playing games -- I'm an active gamer, game designer, game master, and game editor.
  • virtual worlds -- I build worlds and communities in cyberspace
  • programming -- Computers have been a large part of my life for over 20 years.
  • work -- Guess what? My job title even has "Architect" in it. (Er, used to.)
  • news -- What's going on in my world...