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This is where I keep a list of my active game design projects. These are games I'm actually working on, rather than those that I've RPG Notebook#Unfinished Games. Games are hard to design. For every game I write, there are a dozen false starts and abandoned ideas. I'm told that other game designers do this, too, so I don't worry too much about it.


Verge is a game of cyberpunk or dark future role-playing in the spirit of Philip K. Dick. It's design is revolutionary in that it uses no character sheet and all play focuses on a single network of ideas that the players draw on a big sheet of paper.

I mention this game on my Design page as well as here because the game is in a playable state. I'm still playtesting it and tweaking it but I don't foresee any major rewriting. I want to finish Verge and publish it for sale in the summer of 2009.

I mention it here because I am still technically working on it.


Towerlands is a fantasy role-playing game that rewards players for building a community in the game and keeping that community alive. The game has some unique dice mechanics using "melds" (combinations of numbers) to activate powers. I have been working on Towerlands off and on for a couple years and I've thrown most of it away several times. The latest restart is very promising, however.


Metrocalypse is a transformative setting for Dungeons & Dragons. A city from some time and place on Earth gets sucked into the D&D fantasy world, and some of its (previously normal) citizens transform into the races and classes of the D&D setting. For example, a medieval Saxon serf might find himself turning into an elven paladin and gaining strange abilities. I'll be testing this with Oxford, England, set in 1605.