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This is a page that describes role-playing games I'm playing (or running), or played (or ran).


Using the Sorcerer rules from Adapt Press, I ran a dark future cyberpunk game. We played once a week online (on FoundryMUSH) for a few weeks before it fizzled. Online play is slow.

Dungeons & Dragons

"Redcap," drawing by Amanda Belaire
(click for larger image)

I am not playing any D&D (4th Edition) games right now.

I played in a short campaign, where my character was a young, idealist priest with kleptomania.

I ran a game of my own using my Metrocalypse setting. It lasted a half dozen sessions spread out over a year or more.

I played "Redcap," a cardinal-based (rather than crow-based) Kenku sorcerer (right), in one adventure based on West Marches.