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I started editing role-playing games professionally in 2008.

My business strategy is simple: Edit about five pages or 3000 words of a manuscript at no charge. This free edit pass proves to customers that I know my craft, shows them what they get for their money, and helps me estimate projects more accurately. My rates are competitive. Perhaps most important: I am an editor who understands role-playing game design.

I offer a substantive editing pass as my premier service:

  • Copy Editing: I improve spelling and grammar, fix punctuation, tighten up and clarify the language, and verify proper word usage. For D&D products, I can ensure stat blocks are formatted correctly.
  • Heavy Editing: I ensure uniformity of voice and style, smooth out transitions, and check references.
  • Text Flow: I examine the whole text to ensure that it flows well and suggest ways to reorganize the text and improve readability.
  • Design Advice: If I see glaring holes in game design, I will point these out to the author.

I also offer services for subsequent editing passes before and after layout. I can also help an author with a text outline and organization before he or she writes the manuscript.

I prefer to edit on-screen using Microsoft Word's "change tracking" feature. Google Docs has a similar, but far weaker, change tracking feature that I can use in a pinch.

Contact me at adamdray@gmail.com to discuss your project.

Editing Credits

My list of editing credits is growing all the time. I have edited indie games and more traditional style games, including products for Dungeons & Dragons 4E (all the stuff I did for One Bad Egg, for example) and 13th Age.

  • Annalise, Hamster Prophet Games (Nathan Paoletta), 2008. Final edition, 2010.
  • Misspent Youth, Rob Bohl, 2008. Final edition, 2010. First runner-up for the 2010 Indie RPG Awards in the Best Free Game category.
  • Happy Birthday, Robot!, Daniel Solis, 2010. 2011 ENnie Nominee in four categories! And in the 2010 Indie RPG Awards: first runner-up for Indie Game of the Year, Best Support, Best Production, and second runner-up for Most Innovative Game. I'll take a little credit for helping win the Best Production award — at least the text!
  • The Dresden Files RPG (Assistant Managing Editor), Evil Hat Productions, 2010. Three early chapters: Playing the Game, Spellcasting, Skills. Nominated for six 2011 ENnie Awards, and ENnie Gold winner for Best Writing, Best Rules, Best New Game, and Best Game. ENnie Silver winner for Best Production Values and Product of the Year. And I can take very little credit, if any, for that. Congratulations to the rest of the team for their win!
  • Tenra Bansho Zero, (English translation by Andy Kitkowski, 2012).

D&D 4E Stuff

* One Bad Egg sold rights to sell its products to Highmoon Games.

13th Age Stuff

I was the 13th Age Line Editor for Rite Publishing for a short time. Unfortunately, that ended when Rite Publisher's owner, Steve Russell, was killed in an automobile accident on July 5, 2016. He is sorely missed.

I edited:

  • The Book of Icons, Rite Publishing, 2015.
  • The Taskshaper, Rite Publishing, 2016.


I was the copy editor for A Day of Fire: a novel of Pompeii (a fiction continuity by six authors). I performed proofreading and continuity editing, including checking Latin and historical references.

Additionally, I edit some of my wife's traditionally-published fiction before it goes out to her publisher.