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These games are finished, more or less (unlike these). They might not be perfect. Some aren't even playtested. But they're in a state that I think would allow you to print out the rules and play the game. If you do, please give me feedback on what works and what doesn't!


Verge is a nearly-complete cyberpunk RPG. This is my pet project that I have chased for a couple years. I will probably never finish it, though I'll probably salvage it for parts.

Architects of Aztlan

Architects of Aztlan is a short (18-page) RPG about time-traveling Atlantians trying to save human civilization. I wrote this for the Reverse-Engineered game design contest, and it tied for first place.


Hellball lets you play pro football players who have to save the world by beating The Devil at "hellball," his own version of football that is free of all those pesky personal foul rules and other needless complications. Between games, you try to keep your real life from falling apart as The Devil tries to mess it up. I wrote in two weeks for the Iron MACE Game Chef contest; it won first place, but only one other guy entered.


Trapped! is a game of comedic horror. Maybe some day I'll go back and finish up the stuff I feel it needs: some examples of play, more setting information, art and a real cover. I wrote Trapped! in 24 hours for the 24 Hour RPG Challenge.


Sex/Magic is a game that focuses on sexuality and creepy paranormal powers. I wrote it as an experiment for a game design contest (Artists First). The rules use Truth or Dare play among the actual players to see if characters succeed or fail.

Space Scavengers

Scavengers is a simple game about a far future salvage space ship and its crew. You can play it in an hour. I wrote this for the Murderland game design contest.